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Culture Bump talks a lot about tools and toolkits. So what exactly are some of the Culture Bump tools? Here are just a few.

1. A common language - Using the term "Culture Bump" reveals exactly who and what caught our attention so that even folks from very different backgrounds can understand precisely what each person is talking about.

2. New possibilities for cultural identity - We begin to see ourselves and others as much more complex than merely a "product" of our culture and upbringing. Culture Bump encourages us to recognize individual diversity as equally important as cultural diversity.

3. Finding connection and commonalities because of our differences. The difference is the key that allows us to hold both our bumps and one another's hands at the same time. As one participant noted, "I definitely realize that everyone pretty much goes through what I go through, just in their own unique way."

4. A clear step by step strategy for dealing with differences. Again, a participant described this as having a ..."more proactive alternative to either (a) judging someone who's different from me or (b) ignoring them and acting like it's OK. It gets me into the very foundations of where culture variations come from and a way to compare my core values to those of someone else."

5. And as far as feeling more confident? We can listen to the experience of another participant who noted, "Simply knowing that there's actually a term for the thing that triggers that awkward feeling when you meet someone from a different culture has already influenced my life and perceptions greatly."

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