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April 10, 2021 at 4:21:09 PM

Dr. Stacey and I were talking with a group of educators from Birmingham City Schools in Alabama that we introduced to Culture Bump last summer. We asked them what they had noticed as a result of that training. Here's some of what they said... "I listen differently now." "I've learned that Culture Bump works with more than ethnicity—its about our mental health." " I stand back and process now—I notice that I can regulate myself better." "I don't try to change everybody's minds anymore." "Using the term 'culture bump' lets me and others walk away not being bruised and battered." "I find myself actually standing back and deleting lots more of my text messages." "I didn't realize my own bias—now I can identify MY bias." "I've discovered that there's a spiritual aspect to Culture Bump."

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