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July 12, 2023 at 3:36:23 AM

In this video, Dr. Carol Archer explains the relationship between Cultural Humility and the Culture Bump Approach. She then leads the viewer through an analysis of a Culture Bump . A Correlation between practicing the Culture Bump Steps and Developing Cultural Humility. Review your answers to 7 of the 8 Culture Bump Steps from the 8 Step Online Tool and answer the question about each step, using a scale of 1 to 5 . Notice that the steps are ordered to explicitly explain the correlation between practicing the Culture Bump Steps and developing cultural humility. 1 = Not really 2 = A little 3 = Yes 4 = I really did/am 5 = Wow—absolutely! Remember, this is a life-long practice. You may have higher scores on some culture bumps that you analyze than others, but you should see an increase the more you use the steps on the differences you encounter in your life. Total Score: _________ 1-10 Don't give up . Notice where your scores are highest and lowest. Remember, you are practicing actively reflecting. 11-20. You have started a foundation of being able to step outside of yourself and look at your own cultural groupings. Notice that there is less anxiety about differences. 21-29 You are really beginning to become conscious of your own values and beliefs and those of other people. 30-40. Now you will begin to see more and more possibilities of increasing your own ways of being and living from having culture bumps. 41-50. Enjoy your insights . Notice how they continue over the next several weeks. In this video, Dr. Archer offers suggestions to improve your scores.

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