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Culture Bump Publications

The following are published works by Dr. Carol Archer, the originator of the Culture Bump Approach, and fellow associates that use Culture Bump in their fields of study. Books Culture Bump: 8 Steps to Common Ground by C.M. Archer, S. Nickson (2019) Living With Strangers in the USA: Communicating beyond culture by C.M. Archer (1990) Book Chapters Culture Bump and Beyond in Culture Bound: An Anthology by C.M. Archer (1986) The Impact of Culture Bump and Technology on Creating Effective Diversity Leadership in Technology as a Tool for Diversity Leadership: Implementation and Future Implications by C.M. Archer, S. Nickson, S. R. Chaudhury (2013) Culture Bump: An Instructional Process for Cultural Insight by C.M. Archer, S. Nickson (2012) A Comprehensive multicultural teacher education program: An idea whose time has come in Multicultural Education: Inclusion of all by C.M. Archer, H. P. Baptiste (1994) Journal Articles The Role of Culture Bump in Developing Intercultural Communication Competency and Internationalizing Psychology by C.M. Archer, S. Nickson (November 2012) Cultural Differences in the Classroom? There’s an app for that! by C.M. Archer, B. Kennedy, M. Simpson, G. Urquhart, U. Dygu (January 2016) Culture Bump: A Toolkit for culture & communication: From Books, boxes to digital by C.M. Archer, S. Nickson (2020)

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