February 25, 2021, 12:43:04 AM

In my country, you can’t see alcohol or alcohol being sold among the people. Drinking alcohol isn’t allowed in our country’s religion. The law prevents people to sell or drink. Also, alcohol is considered to be a crime punishable by law. When I arrived at the hotel in the USA, there was a bar to drink and drinking was allowed for people. On my way to dinner, there was a person acting in a strange way. I was scared and wanted to run away. My husband wasn’t beside me, and I ran to tell him what happened. Some one who was in the street said, “Don’t be scared – he was drinking”. I asked him, “Is drinking allowed here?!”. He told me, “Yes it is”. After that he explained that people drink here to forget their problems,to celebrate, or spend quality time. They can enjoy themselves with friends. I think it’s universal that everyone has happy moments to celebrate. In the end, I understood the next time when I saw someone drink, there is a reason for doing that. Now I know the difference between culture as well as the reason.