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January 17, 2024 at 4:42:39 AM

In this world of perpetual chaos, we can come together in appreciation of what separates and categorizes us, but rather than focusing on understanding those differences, how much more beauty lies in unearthing the unique connection of our shared humanity! Johanna Campbell’s quote sums up the experience of the group of multi-national participants who experienced consciously creating meaningful conversations with one another using the Culture Bump Approach.  LCC Cross Cultural Coordinators, Sandra Carretin-Mulvaney and Barbara Kennedy hosted the day-long Conversations for Connection Workshop at the University of Houston on Friday, January 3, 2014.  The day included an overview of the historical development of the Culture Bump Approach for dealing with differences – a review of the development in the Language and Culture Center as well as over the past 60 years of American social movements.    The movie Brian and Aziz from the  Toolkit for Culture and Communication   was used to demonstrate the 8 Steps for responding to a Culture Bump. The participants shared lunch and in the afternoon, Dr. Carol M. Archer, originator of the Culture Bump Approach, introduced a strategy for creating quick conversations for connection that utilize Culture Bump Buddy Bracelets. “David Jackson, an international pilot, expressed the general consensus of the group when he said, “This Culture Bump workshop has given me the tools and the confidence to reach out and become Culture Bump Buddies with people in my travels throughout the world.”’    Click  here  for a quick view of David and his buddies in the workshop.

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