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February 22, 2021 at 8:09:02 PM

We had a culture bump with Americans today. When we went back to Cougar Village, the dorm at University of Houston, we talked with two American guys. First, we felt scared and confused, because when we were in elementary school, our teacher taught us not to speak with strangers. Our conversation with the American guys became really awkward. Afterwards, we began to speak to Americans with courage. First, Riki spoke to two American girls and said, “What’s your major?” Then, these girls replied, “We are not in college. We are high school students,” with bright smiles. This experience reminded us the difference of society, from what Dr. Carol said. She explained that American society is an individualistic society, while Japanese society is a strongly connected society. Our (Japanese) society is cautious of foreigners, while the American girls we spoke to behaved in a much more open manner. We think that understanding different kinds of societies is very important in order to connect with each other. We really enjoy our culture bumps!! We invite you to enjoy our video on the HOME page entitled Bumps between Guys and Gals! ( July 31, 2013 )

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