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from the culture bump

Step 1 

Pinpoint The Culture Bump

I had a culture bump with 

and I thought that was


Step 2

Describe What The Other Person(s) Did

What did the other person(s) do or say? Or, in case of an object, describe it physically.

Step 3

Describe What You Did

What did I do or say?

Step 4

List The Emotions You Felt When The Bump Happened

At the time of the culture bump, the emotions I felt were:


our commonalities

Step 5

Find The Universal Situation In The Incident When It Happened

Now let's find a universal situation for your culture bump. It will be something that could happen to anyone from anywhere, like arriving late or feeling hungry in class or a meeting. 

Find the universal situation in this incident. (What is the situation that they were responding to?)

Step 6

List And Describe Specific Actions You Would Do In The Universal Situation From Step 5

List and describe specific actions you would do in the universal situation from Step 5.

Step 7

List The Qualities That You Feel That Action Demonstrates

When people in my culture (or group) do the actions I listed in Step 6, I say they are being:


beyond the culture bump

Step 8

Ask or think about how those qualities are demonstrated by other people

How does the other person(s) you had the culture bump with express the qualities you listed in Step 7? (If you do not know, consider starting a conversation with a question like, "How do you like to show (a quality from Step 7)?"

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