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The Culture Bump Book

Culture Bump: 8 Steps to Common Ground

From our family dinners to our workplace, our social media to our nightly newscast—everywhere we look today we see uncertainty, frustration, and division. How can we possibly connect beyond our differences—without a natural or man-made disaster to bring us together?

Culture Bump: 8 Steps to Common Ground is truly a book for our times—these times of divisiveness and uncertainty.

This life-changing book is packed with the knowledge and tools that will equip you to successfully interact with anyone anywhere. Based on over 40 years of research and practice, the 8 Step Protocol presented in the book is a specific process to find connection beyond cultural, gender, age, racial, political, and other differences. It assures readers with absolute certainty that we human beings can connect with one another authentically and consistently—no matter if we agree with one another or not.


- 8 Step Protocol

- Do's and Don'ts for Conversations for Connection

- Work Your Bump Participation Practice Sheets 


-Real-Life Stories of Culture Bumps

-Practical Easy to Follow Process

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