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The Culture Bump Book

Culture Bump: 8 Steps to Common Ground

With growing globalization, many today are trying to find common ground among differing backgrounds and beliefs. The new Culture Bump book presents a practical step by step guide that leads individuals and groups to common ground and connection. This research-proven process with 40 years of experience also includes detailed instructions for groups of differing beliefs to find common ground and discuss their views in a safe, productive environment.

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The Culture Bump App

Culture Bump: Learn to Connect Beyond Differences

Culture Bump's new app is designed to grow cultural awareness in a fun, easy, interactive way. Dive into the similarities and differences in global classrooms around the world or use it as a conversation starter with your group and watch as you connect authentically while discovering each other's culture.

The Culture Bump Online Course
Culture Bump: Toolkit for Culture and Communication

This online course is a fun, interactive way to deepen your intercultural understanding and develop the basic skills necessary to connect to anyone anywhere. Learn through videos, pictures and more as you make your way through Seven Modules covering cross-cultural topics like Communications, Commonalities, and Emotional Intelligence.

For ESL Teachers, click to access ESL Support for the Toolkit.

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