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Welcome to

Culture Bump

You have a vision for the future;

We have the tools to get you there...

In the World today, we are searching for  Connection and Common Ground

But no matter were we look, we haven't found our answers...

at least one that works for very long.

In the world today,

we will always have differences

but they don't have to divide us

We can connect autenticly and consistantly for anyone anywhere,


Culture Bump can show us how.

But why is Culture Bump any different...?

It begins at the true heart of the matter, the difference itself and our natural response to it.

Starting with this insight, we can chart a path beyond our differences to find our universal roots.

So Culture Bump

starts with a different beginning...

...and leads a

different ending,

Authentic Connection

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Culture is...


Our brains see an action, attach a meaning to it, and store it away as a reference point for understanding what behavior is expected and what someone means with that action. 

Our culture really consists of millions of these Micro-cultural action-meaning associations stored in our minds.

Culture Bump views culture in a unique way.

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