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Understanding the values that underpin all of Culture Bump's training activities as well as the thought process that guides the choice of pictures and other prompts will ensure the integrity of the Culture Bump Approach.

The Culture Bump Approach leads to a new understanding of culture and differences so that anyone can connect with anyone else anywhere anytime.

Culture Bump Values

There are three kinds of values that are important to remember when creating or evaluating Culture Bump activities:

Core Values

Differential Values

Design Values

The primary Core Values require that any Culture Bump activity be:

  1. Authentic

  2. Interactive

  3. Valuing

  4. Non-confrontational

  5. Inclusive (of self and others)

Additional core values include:

  1. Organic

  2. Connective

  3. Grounded

  4. Colorful

  5. Skill-based

  6. Relationship-oriented

  7. Passionate

  8. Accessible

  9. Lighthearted

Differential Values underpin Culture Bump activities as they:

Provide practical skills versus Teaching knowledge

Support Community Building versus Building Communities

Are accessible versus Being academic (academic gives validity)

Are authentically polished versus Being robotically polished

Culture Bumps Design Values can be summarized in the following table:

All projects must be mindful of...

And include...

Looking at a specific difference

Appropriate use of word "culture bump"

Being applied to anyone, anywhere

Real-life examples

Both differences & commonalities

An overt connection

Both subjectivity & objectivity

Both emotions and perceptions

Culture Bump Adaptations

There are two types of adaptations that can be made to foundational Culture Bump training materials:

Adapting Photos

Chose photos to both evoke and trigger

Evoke something meaningful for one group (or culture) and trigger something different for another group (or culture). *

Adapting Stories

All stories must demonstrate something

  1. Cultural

  2. Individual

  3. Universal

*. In order to do this, it is necessary to understand the various groups you are training as well as their deep, often unconscious responses.

All projects must be

Mindful of…

And include…

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