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February 25, 2021 at 12:53:57 AM

Sasuke, Rio, Misa, Yumeka and Saya’s culture bump was with a store! We had a culture bump with an American store. When we went shopping, we noticed that Americans don’t return items to their original position. We felt surprised and confused at the same time. We thought that they’re lazy. In Okinawa, we put our items back to show consideration for other people. We didn’t know why Americans don’t put the items back at the store. So we asked an American college student. He said, “I know its bad but I put it up and put it back.” Another American said, “Its not my problem. Its the store’s problem.” The employees should organize the store. Our English teacher said, “There is no time. I’m busy , and the store is as big as the sky. That’s why I don’t put it back. ” We agreed with them after we heard their opinions. And we agreed with the part that the stores are really big. The common situation is concerned with consideration. The way Japanese people show consideration is by putting the items back to the right place. So other people can shop easily. On the other hand, American people do show consideration but in a different way. They show it by leaving the clothes where the employees can pick them up and put them back correctly. We also learned that Americans are very considerate of one another regarding time and space. Japanese and Americans think in different ways, so we show consideration in a different way too. That is why culture bumps happen. Now take a look at our video about this culture bump.

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