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We had a Culture Bump with American students. They are drinking and eating something in classrooms. When we looked at them, we were surprised and unbelieving at what we were seeing. And we were confused as to why they are eating and drinking. “Can we eat and drink like them?”, we thought.

So we asked American students, “Why did you eat in a class?” They said, “In America, sometimes, we are allowed to eat and drink during classes.”

Therefore, we thought American students have no consideration, and we couldn’t understand what they did. But in Culture Bump, we learned there is always a commonality. And we asked them, “How do American students show consideration in a class?” They answered, “We actively listen to the teacher’s lectures and take notes. We won’t take out our cell phone and text or call. And don’t sleep or don’t talk!”.

Then, we understand about it, and we are used to seeing them eating and drinking.


(July 31, 2013)

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