The mission of Carol Archer & Associates is to expand knowledge about as well as the practice of the Culture Bump Approach in order to give people and organizations the confidence and tools to interact with anyone anywhere.

CA& Associates, LLC is the hub out of which Culture Bump certified Associates obtain Culture Bump training programs that are tailored for the specific need of various organizations. The company assures the integrity of the Culture Bump Approach—both with materials and with facilitation skills.

Dr. Carol Archer is the Managing Member of Carol Archer & Associates, LLC. She has over 40 years experience in designing and implementing pre-departure orientations for both Americans going to other countries as well as expatriates coming to live and work in the USA. In addition, she managed the cultural dynamics in joint ventures between American companies and governments such as Lybia, Saudia Arabia, Indonesia, China and Japan. She is the Presentation Designer for all trainings used by the Associates. She lives in Houston with her nephew and two cats.

Dr. Nader Abualnaja holds a doctorate in Administration of Justice with a research focus on perceptions of Muslim Americans. As an adjunct faculty member at Texas Southern University, he has made numerous Culture Bump presentations in his classes as well as speaking about Culture Bump as an invited speaker in various community settings. Dr. Abualnaja worked in taking the Census of 2020 and trained other census workers in the Culture Bump Approach. He is a certified Culture Bump Facilitator who lives with his wife and three children in Houston, Texas where they enjoy family outings with cycling, picnics and other outdoor activities.

Cheryl Pearson has had the profound privilege of working with hundreds of youth and adults in the areas of business design- playbooks, education, spiritual leadership, and cross-cultural communication for over twenty years. Cheryl's introduction to Culture Bump occurred as an undergraduate when she completed one of the first Culture Bump courses offered at the University of Houston. Today, as a Culture Bump Facilitator, she ongoingly fulfills on her commitment and passion to participate in and with various communities that celebrate and encourage inclusion, accessibility, and mutual respect. She is a certified Culture Bump Facilitator.

Carol Arc

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her & Associates’ mission is to expand knowledge about BaCBs well as the practice of the Culture Bump Approach in order to give people and organizations the confidence and TBAS to interact with anyone anywhere. BioBio



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