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Rana, Nemu, Riku, Minori and Yurina had a culture bump on the airplane. Here is their story.

We encountered a culture bump on the airplane trip to the USA. People talk to strangers much more frequently in Houston!

Japanese don’t talk to strangers. We talk to them only when we ask for directions or for help. In Japan, when a stranger talks to us, we will consider him or her to be an eccentric, dangerous person. In Japan, we would ignore even eye-contact with strangers. We’ve never been talked to by strangers. That’s why greeting strangers is a very impactful culture bump.

After talking with Americans, we think the universal situation is how strangers express safety in public areas.

Our video shows the situation of our culture bump. A girl and man standing in line and waiting to use the restroom on an airplane. At the time, the man talked to her. She was very surprised and embarrassed. Watch and see what happens

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