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I have to admit that the more I think about and process this culture bump the more it scares me. I think…”I could have DIED!!” Fortunately for y’all, and myself of course, I didn’t and was able to share my experience 🙂 It is nice to be able to sit back and think about it, without being in a body cast in the hospital. When things like that happen to people those people always say “After that I thought..I wanted my life to be better, so I changed my ways for the better”. Well, I didn’t really think like that, but I did think about what in life made me happy. Funny how you almost get hit by a bus and it makes you think about happiness…odd. What makes me happy you ask? Well, the answer would be my horses. Therefore just 2 days ago I bought another horse 🙂 But the culture bump experience has been great to reflect on every culture bump we had while in South Africa. It definitely aided the experience for the better. I’ve attached a picture that Jeremiah took 30 seconds before the bus almost hit me. This was the guy who was trying to harrass me into buying the figurine. Thanks go out to Jeremiah for capturing the moment.

(April 5, 2012)

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