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I had a culture bump with American people at the University of Houston. When I crossed the street, I pushed the button of the walking traffic light and I was waiting for it to turn from red to white, but American students by my side didn’t wait and just crossed the street. I was surprised and confused about what was happening. I thought that American people are dangerous and I don’t know why American people don’t wait for the light to turn from red to white. So I asked an American person, “Why aren’t you waiting for the traffic light?” He answered, ” I check right and left, but I don’t want to wait for the walking traffic light to turn red to white, because I have no time to wait for the light. Time is money.” I was so surprised and I hadn’t thought of that idea. I thought that this is American culture.

The universal situation concerns safety.

Japanese think that we have to follow traffic rules, because we work well with others, so we keep to traffic safety. Although the Americans we talked to think self responsibility is more important for safety. These different ways of thinking connect with different cultures about safety. And so, a culture bump happened. Whenever, wherever Culture Bumps are happening!!

-Kana, Chika, Karin, Kazuki, & Claire say be sure to check out our culture bump video called Waiting, waiting, waiting Below

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