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The Culture Bump app is a wonderful tool for starting a conversation with other people.

Sometimes we do not know how to start conversations about our differences. That's okay! The Culture Bump App is not just for learning about culture bumps, but its also a fun and easy way to jump-start a conversation about culture with your friends, roommates, colleagues, and anyone else who thinks or acts differently than you.

Start by asking if they have seen the Culture Bump App.

1. If they say yes they have,

Great! Start asking the Icebreaker questions. (See List Below) It may be helpful to open the app so you can point to the cultural information when you ask questions.

2. If they say no they haven't,

Show them the app and use the Country Comparison button to see the similarities and culture bumps between your countries. Then ask them some icebreaker questions about the information you see. (See List Below)

Here are some good questions to start a conversation about differences!

  1. Do you think the information about your culture is accurate? (If they think it is not, ask them what would they do differently.)

  2. Do you find anything surprising that you did not realize you do?

  3. Do you always do this, or are there times that you would do something different?

  4. Why do you think we do things differently?

Ask some of these icebreaker questions and see where the conversation takes you!

Don't have the app yet? Check it out in the links below.

Check out the photos of international students and American students who have had a "Conversation for Connection" using the Culture Bump App!

(February 28, 2019)

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