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by Angel Cabrera, President of George Mason University, identified three characteristics of a global leader

  • Having a global mindset

  • Having global entrepreneurship

  • Having global citizenship.

These three characteristics are acquired rather than being inherent. The Culture Bump Approach to dealing with differences develops all three by allowing an individual to view cultural differences, not as problems to be solved, but as opportunities to learn more about one's own character or culture. The content emerges from the cultural differences of the participants themselves. This process is both synergistic and transformational. It leads the participants into an awareness of cultural relativism, then continues a step further by exploring universal life situations.

A global mindset ensures that leaders know how to connect with others and consistently look to do so. As described above, the Culture Bump approach to dealing with differences develops this ability to consistently acknowledge differences (cultural and otherwise) and use those differences to find common ground - in short it creates a global mindset.

Global entrepreneurship takes that mindset (the knowledge, skills and multi-national relationships) and uses it to create new opportunities for developing business. The Culture Bump Training literally brings people of diverse backgrounds together, has them discover their common ground and then create new ideas out of their own experience.

Global citizenship describes the perspective of a leader who is concerned for all humanity - not only for one's own group. With consistent use, the Culture Bump Approach gradually creates a sense of togetherness with all humanity - while staying grounded in one's own identity.

* Harvard Business Review, April 4, 2012

(July 29, 2014)

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