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We all think about, sing about and even obsess about love...But have you ever thought that maybe the way we express our love is different from one culture to another? Culture Bumps absolutely can occur as a result.

Watch as Josh from the USA and his friend Mazen from Syria share a meal and talk about kissing and other things in a conversation for connection!

Take a look at some examples of PDA around the world:


How about you? Have you ever kissed your girlfriend/boyfriend in public?

  • Never!!!!

  • Yes for sure!

  • Well yeah but being careful.

  • Write an answer

If you would like to practice having conversations for connection like Josh and Mazen, check out the free Universal Generator.

Or if you would like to go more in depth in understanding how we can connect with anyone, anywhere AND receive Continuing Education Credits from Auburn University, enroll in the online course about Human Commonalities.

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