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Culture Bumps™ in Global Classrooms is a unique app that compares ten common behaviors in university classrooms around the globe.

These include day to day situations such as coming to class late, working in groups, using electronics in class and showing respect to the professor. This intercultural listing of both similarities and differences of culture bumps™ in classrooms in provides valuable information for students and teachers about one another. Users can compare specific behaviors in their home country with any other country in the world or compare categories of behaviors among multiple countries. Countries included:

The USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Cote d Ivoire, Angola, England, France, Italy, Russia, Nigeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Korea, Turkey and Vietnam...

Links in the app give suggestions for multiple uses including:

  1. as an icebreaker with people from any country in the world or

  2. for community building in classrooms.

In short, it can be used to create a conscious common classroom culture, build community, or simply start conversations with anyone from another country.

(May 10, 2015)

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