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It may have been raining cats and dogs in Houston on Monday and Tuesday but it was raining Culture Bumps for levels 1 and 1B at the LCC at the University of Houston. The students were busy discovering how to come into class late in the USA – respectfully- and showing one another about how to come into class late in their own countries. They learned how to show respect to the teacher in Mexico, Venezuela, China, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Finally they shared their images of their own culture bumps in the USA. These culture bumps included tattoos,males and females kissing to greet one anothermen in suits and ties and squirrels. Yes you heard me right – squirrels!

Finally, they wrote a poem about culture bumps – rhyming each last word.

Culture Bump Culture Bump Makes me wanna jump Bumping with the food Makes a bad bad mood Bumping with the teachers Trying to skill our futures. Culture Bump Culture Bump Makes me wanna jump. Some of the “singers” from 1B and Dr. Archer

(October 15, 2014)

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